Woodvale Central School #4288 1953 – 1976

Following the end of WWII there was a great exodus of rural residents to cities and towns. One of the results of this was a very steep decline in the student population of one room schools.

It was also increasingly difficult to secure teachers for country schools. School divisions sought to solve the problem by creating centralized schools. Woodvale Central was one of these schools.

Built in 1953 as a one-room school, students from Ganton, Koknee, Union, Watson and Woodvale were bussed to Woodvale Central. It wasn’t long before a second room was added.

In the 1960s a room was created in the basement, so the school had three classrooms and three teachers. Gradually for various reasons, the school population decreased. The school remained open with only the first four grades for a few more years.

All students from the community were sent to Vermilion schools in September, 1976.

Woodvale Central School
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