Meet our Team

My name is Eileen Hines and I am pleased to be your new CERTA President. I have met many of you over the last three years but, as our activities have been limited due to the pandemic, not as many as I had hoped. I have lived in the Marwayne area all my life, marrying and raising our five kids on the farm where I still live.

I have twelve grandchildren, seven of whom have now graduated from high school. I am fortunate to have nine of them raised in the Marwayne community so I have taught, coached, and supported them on a daily basis.

I  taught grade one or kindergarten in Marwayne for the majority of my career and retired in 2019. I am enjoying reconnecting with colleagues and meeting many new ones. I’m also thrilled to find that many of you knew my mom, Muriel Hozack. I always endeavoured to teach like her. Often when I had student teacher supervisors, SLPs, OTs, PTs or other specialists in my classroom, they would remark on my classroom management, use of movement and many “out of desk” activities. They were learned from my Mom. So many of us had developed excellent strategies to engage, challenge, and encourage all students long before “specialists” were available.

I am an involved grandmother, ardent gardener, busy sub, avid minor sports coach and fan, beginning quilter, and lifelong reader. There are so many things I still want to learn: welding, painting, reupholstering, and plant propagation to name a few. I’m sure many of these interests are shared by many of you.

I look forward to the next three years as your president and lifelong involvement in CERTA.

Eileen Hines


Bonnie Bauer

Vice President

Marilyn Bossert

Communications Director

Lorine Sweeney


Leona McNeill

Wellness Director

Lynda Haverslew

Past President