West Centre School 1921 -1953

West Center is about 10 miles south of Kitscoty. From the Book, ’Earnest Minded Men’ , we read that the district was sometimes referred to as “Storm Centre”.
Disagreements were not only about “where” to build the school but also “whether” to build the school. The district was formed in 1916. However, there was no school until 1921 when an individual offered the use of an old buiding for one dollar a year. In 1929 a location was finally agree upon and a new school was built. The school operated until 1943.

A hedge next to the road was the only reminder that a school once stood there. In August of 2008 their school site marker was installed. The school site was on top of quite a high embankment. Thanks to Murray King for organizing a crew to carry the sign to the site.

Margaret Wolters

West Centre School
Sign Placement