Wellsdale School School District # 1770

Wellsdale School was two miles east and one half mile north of where Clandonald is currently situated. The school was not alone in its location; there was actually a little village started—a church, a store, a post office and a cemetery. The little cemetery which is very well kept is all that is there now. When the railroad went through, the village moved down the road and became Clandonald. The school building was moved in 1929 and became the first Clandonald School. Later the school was made into a house and I understand is still in Clandonald.

The sign was installed on June 14, 2008. It was indeed a beautiful June day. Several people were there to see the sign go up. Bob Maggs was the only former student there; however, the people there had had many connections with the school. The schoolsite marker stands directly across from the cemetery.

Wellsdale School