Preston Central School 1954 – 1971

Many of the small country schools closed in the early 1950s. There were fewer children in the communities and it was not easy to get teachers. For the children who were quite a long way from towns, the school division chose to build consolidated schools where approximately five districts could attend. School busses were hired to transport the students to the new schools. Battleview, Basswood, Preston and Triangle schools were sent to Preston. The school began with two rooms and soon grew to be a three roomed school.

Then a new era came to the Education system as High School Students needed access to the town schools from their homes so were bussed to Vermilion. In 1969 the Preston School had only grades 1 to 4. In 1971 the school was closed. The building was sold and moved to Lloydminster, where it became the Moose Hall.

July 3, 2008 found Doug Westman, Jim Dibben and Ryan Gibson installing the school site marker for Preston Central. Doug and Jim had attended the school. Ryan’s dad, Ernest Gibson, was also a student at Preston.

Preston Central School
Sign Placement