Herbert School 1920- 1940

The Herbert School was several miles south of Islay. The name was chosen to honor a Mr. Herbert who was in the district early and took an active part in petitioning for a school district. The district felt the need for a school after World War I ended. Herbert School had just got underway when the famous winter of 1919-1920 began on the 8th of October. The severity of the winter coupled with the fact that some children had left the district, caused the Board to close the school.

The school remained closed until 1929. At that time several families of Hudson Bay settlers had come to the district and all had school age children. The school was reopened and remained so until 1940, when at that time the students were sent to Vanesti. The school building was moved to the Campbell Lake district in 1948.

We read that when the school was opened, cattle roamed the good range land around the school. We placed the school site marker along the Islay road because there is no road by the school site. Cattle still roam on the good range land there.

Herbert School
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