Ellsworth School S. D. #1933 1910 – 1954

Ellsworth School must be the farthest north of any school district in the former Vermilion School Division. As we followed the Curtis brothers to the school site, we had thoughts of going much too far north. We were in the County of Two Hills for quite a few miles and then just before we got to the school site we were back in the County of Vermilion River.

When we read about Ellsworth, we understand that they had many adventures with “just about” fires. One fire stopped at the fire guard about 40 yards from the school. Another time the school had actually started to burn when a heavy rain came down and put the fire out. A third fire was set by a student, but a quick thinking teacher put it out with a few pails of water. Stove pipes started on fire another day. There were many stories of students using dog teams to get to school.

Ellsworth was the last sign up in 2008. We picked a fairly warm October l7th day. Help came from former students from Lloydminster, Vermilion, Dewberry and the Ellsworth Community.

Margaret Wolters

Ellsworth School
Sign Placement