Earlie School 1918 -1961

Earlie School District is named after the Earlie Post Office, which opened in 1909. The origin of the name is interesting. The name was to have been “Airlie” from the song “The Bonnie House of Airlie,” but the person who sent the name to the Post Office Department spelled it “Earlie” , and “Earlie” it has remained. The first Earlie School was destroyed by fire. Another school was built that year. The students and teachers took advantage of many of the activities that Earlie had—Christmas Concerts, School Fairs and Baseball games. Parents took their children in sleigh boxes or wagons according to the season.

In 1939 when the King and Queen visited Wainwright, the Earlie School students were transported in the back of Mr. Miller’s truck. As many adults as they could fit in went too. As well as getting a peek at the King and Queen they had a picnic at Buffalo Park. They left the Earlie Store at 5 a.m. to get to Wainwright on time.

August 2007 saw a fairly large crowd meet at the Earlie School site to watch their sign go up. A social was held at the Earlie Hall following the digging of the holes, lifting of the sign and cementing it in. Stories of schooldays were the order of the day.

Margaret Wolters

Earlie School
Sign Placement