Regular Membership

  1. The Northwestern Alberta Retired Teachers’ Association will accept as Regular Member with voting authority, any retired teacher who has been a member of the Alberta Teachers’ Association for 5 years and is receiving a pension from the Alberta Teacher Retirement Fund (ATRF), or any retired teacher who has contributed to the Alberta Retired Teachers’ Association (ARTA) for 5 years.

NOTE: Only those qualifying for Regular Membership are eligible to represent NWARTA as a delegate at ARTA (provincial) functions and to take part in ARTA business matters.

Associate Members

Northwestern Alberta Retired Teachers’ Association will accept as associate members:

  1. The spouse/partner of any Regular Member.
  2. The spouse/partner of a deceased Regular Member.
  3. Any retired teacher of pensionable age who is living in the Northwestern Alberta area and his/her spouse or partner.
  4. Any retired educator of a school board, post-secondary institution or technical institute living in Northwestern Alberta and his/her spouse/partner.
  5. Any retired educational support staff living in Northwestern Alberta and his/her spouse/partner.
  6. Interested community members and/or participants in the ARTA benefit plan.
  7. Any Regular Member of another ARTA branch.

Associate members will have restricted voting power as follows:

  1. Will have voting authority on matters of the NWARTA Branch.
  2. May not be NWARTA delegates at the provincial level (ARTA).
  3. Will be eligible for election to the NWARTA executive or committees and to participate at the Branch level. They are not, however, eligible for the positions of President, Vice-President or ARTA Representative since these positions act as NWARTA delegates at ARTA meetings.

Lifetime Membership

Any NWARTA member who has reached the full age of 80 years as of July 1 is eligible to submit a request for Lifetime Membership to the President or Secretary.

Honorary Member

Honorary membership may be granted to any retired person who through the years has been exceptionally active in educational circles.  This person shall have the status of an Associate Member.  A motion passed at a Branch Executive Meeting will grant honorary membership.