June 9, 2022

President’s Report June 9, 2022

Hello and thank you for being here today at our annual AGM.

Thanks also to Gord and Leona McNeill for once again hosting us in their beautiful yard. Leona’s great idea to exchange seeds and bedding plants is a winner! This could be an annual idea with people planning and planting for it.

I have enjoyed serving ARTA as CERTA’s representative on the ARTA Board of Directors. The meetings this year have all been on Zoom except for our last one in Canmore in May. It was exciting to be back in person and get to interact with everyone again. I have zoomed in from my aunt’s home in Fruitvale BC, from my daughter’s bungalow in Thailand, from our home in Arizona as well as from our home here.

The last three years have been an exciting time to be part of ARTA. We have gone from ASEBP running our Benefit Plan to self-administration. This has brought about a new address in a much larger location and many new employees. Greenshields replaced Blue Cross.

The ARTA RX Pharmacy is finally happening after a few setbacks including an ankle-deep flood.  Opening day is now scheduled for July 1. Maintenance medications will be delivered to the door of members in Calgary and Edmonton, and out to others by Canada Post. These ventures will add profits to our plan to benefit us in the future with more services and less cost.

I have sent some advocacy letters personally and from CERTA to our MLA about our pension funds and rethinking the new curriculum.

Our first event this year was the annual To Hell with The Bell Breakfast. A new location at the Mannville Riverview Golf Course was a success with a delicious brunch. Eileen Hines hosted as I was in Thailand visiting my daughter. The wellness challenge awards went to June Bachmann, Marilyn Bossert and Margaret Bennett.

The Christmas Party on December 2 was also at a new location – the Vermilion Curling Rink. Lots of fun with visiting, games, a gift exchange, and a delicious turkey dinner, individually served by Colleen Hozack.

Throughout the snowy months, we enjoyed many Zoom coffees with 7-14 members joining in. This is a great way to stay connected.

On March 11, 2022, we lost a dear member, Beverly Guenther. She taught at JR Robson and was our CERTA president before Bonnie. She will be missed by all who knew and loved her.

April 25, we had an executive meeting and were finally able to plan some in-person events.

The Greenhouse tour was on May 17th, this year via a new route. We met up at the Seniors’ Centre and headed north of Irma to Off the Beaten Path Greenhouse. Then to the Home and Garden Décor store in Irma. Next was the Spade to Spoon Greenhouse between Irma and Wainwright. We stopped at the park by the Buffalo Trail Public School office but had to eat in our vehicles as it was damp, cold and windy! Lastly Len’s Greenhouse, east of Wainwright. All were lovely and we managed to fill all the vehicles with plants. Back to Vermilion and a coffee at Tim’s finished off a wonderful day.

May 23-26 Bonnie Bauer, Eileen Hines, Marilyn Bossert and I attended the ARTA Retreat in Canmore at the beautiful Malcolm Hotel. It was wonderful to be in person again and touch base with all the people I have met at ARTA. The speakers were excellent and the focus was on wellness post-Covid.

On May 31st, we planned a walking tour of the new businesses in Vermilion. It was very much like planning a grade one field trip. It was a great idea, just bad timing and we had to cancel as only Alice Swan and myself showed up. No problem. The ones who showed up get to eat lunch first!

On June 10th, Letters were sent to the area schools inviting new retirees to CERTA and the To Hell with the Bell Breakfast.

I am happy to be here today and even happier to pass the reins on to Eileen Hines. She has so much positivity to offer and I know we will be in good hands.


Lynda Haverslew