April 27, 2020

SWARTA May Newsletter



Hello Everyone,

In the past number of weeks, our lives have been turned upside down by the COVID-19 pandemic. We are going through some very uncertain and scary times. COVID has exposed just how fragile our lives are and how materialistic our world truly has become. Our emphasis is to prioritize those things we need for existence and what things are really important in our lives. I am hoping that all of you, your families, friends, and neighbours are safe and healthy.

As optimistic as I am, I am realistic and logical too. With all the information we have been given provincially and federally, resuming business and relaxing social distancing is still in the future – and probably not the near future. Consequently, it is wise for SWARTA to POSTPONE ALL of our MEETINGS until a later undetermined date. Hopefully, summer will see life return to somewhat ‘normal’ and the virus will be under control. Activities and events than can be planned and held. The SWARTA Newsletter will keep you informed.
ARTA work is continuing. The ARTA staff is working from home. Committee Meetings are been held via Zoom. E-mails from ARTA are keeping you informed about some of the changes on submitting claims during this time.

The Annual ARTA Retreat in Canmore was cancelled. Presidents and Chairs will be holding their very important Board of Directors’ Meeting via Zoom. That will be very interesting as I have never participated in a virtual meeting before.

ARTA WELLNESS CHALLENGE is STILL ON!!! The 2020 Get Moving encourages ARTA members to live an active and engaged lifestyle in retirement by tracking time (IN MINUTES) spent on any physical activity that raises your heartbeat or gets you moving. You can track time on your watch, fitness tracker or cell phone. The Challenge is from April 1 to June 30. Members are encouraged to photocopy the recording sheets that were included in the SPRING ARTA news&views. Please e-mail the TOTAL of your best 30 days time in minutes to me by July 10 at bobpawlowski@hotmail.com.

COVID has definitely restricted a number of things you can do to stay active. There are still lots of activities that can be done in your home, in your yard (gardening, mowing the lawn, tending to flowers), walking while practising social distancing, exercising in your house or outside using exercise equipment etc. The key is to stay ACTIVE.
I look forward to seeing everyone when it is once again safe, and possible to do so. In the meantime, stay healthy, and stay safe!!

Doreen Pawlowski, President of SWARTA