March 23, 2020

SWARTA March Newsletter

SWARTA 2020 March Newsletter


This time of the year is always unpredictable in Southern Alberta. One day we have the hope of spring with warming sunshine and blue skies, and then we wake up the next day to freezing rain and snow. One thing we know is that spring will arrive soon and we will really appreciate the warmth.

SWARTA hosted a Booth again at SWATCA Teachers’ Convention. It was a huge success with many, many teachers stopping by to pick up information about retirement and of course, try their hand at playing Plinko for an ARTA prize. Our door prize, an Instamatic Camera, was won by Sandra Vielle. SWARTA was chosen to pilot an ARTA CAFÉ to provide a place where potential retirees could be further informed about retirement, the process of preparing for retirement, and learn about ARTA and SWARTA. It was designed to be an informal session conducted around round tables. However, our venue was in the theatre room. Plan A was not going to work so I quickly decided that Plan B was to have a mini forum where Blair Lowry, Arlene Purcell, Penny Cochlan and Doreen and Bob Pawlowski told about their retirement activities and their best advice they could give. This opened up a lively discussion and question period. Refreshments were enjoyed. SWARTA logo was on the coffee mugs and cookies. Impressive! The CAFÉ, in our opinion, was a great success and hope that we can host it again next year.

Another highlight of the Convention was the SWARTA Session Travelogue presented by Doug Emek. The photos of African animals and landscapes were spectacular and the commentary was incredible. Doug broke his left hand the day before, so we are doubly grateful that he was able to make the presentation in spite of the circumstances.

SWARTA membership presented a cheque to the ARTA Charitable Foundation. Our donations so far have been $500, which entitles our Branch to have a plaque added to the Charitable Foundation Donation Wall. See the Photo is in this Newsletter.

The year 2020 is shaping up to be one of CHANGE: federally, and provincially. In our ATA NEWS, Feb. 25, page 4 TEACHERS, and RETIRED TEACHERS are again asked to send a message to their MLA to REPEAL BILL 22. Also please visit to ask for a repeal to Bill 22 and proper consultation with teachers about how they want their pension invested. ARTF records show that they have made wise investments and have achieved higher returns than AIMCo ever has. That is what we can do and must do to keep the pressure on the government.

On a happier note, ARTA WELLNESS will begin in April. SWARTA SPRING LUNCHEON, Thursday, April 16, 11:30 am at Lethbridge College Garden Court is also around the corner. See details in this newsletter.

Doreen Pawlowski , President of SWARTA