PARTA Newsletter – May, 2022

President’s Message

I just can’t believe it but, as I write this message to you, it is raining and snowing yet again as it was a month ago when I was compiling the April news.  However, the moisture is a Godsend and will be gratefully received.

May seems to be a “rebirth” time for PARTA and we give sincere gratitude to those members who had the enthusiasm and foresight to create our vibrant organization whose charter is 12 years old May 27!!

I have been spending some time reorganizing the PARTA files and creating a separate “ARCHIVE” of information.  Laurie Semler and Judy Cruise will have copies of our records.  It has come to my attention, in this weird time, that the old banker boxes approach doesn’t work in the computer age and one person should not be the only “keeper of the stuff”.

The ARTA Retreat will be held in-person from May 23 to 26 at the Malcolm Hotel in Canmore provided COVID restrictions allow. PARTA members who are on the Board of Directors include:

  • Iona Robertson – PARTA President
  • Ernest Clintberg – Benefit Plan Trust Chair
  • Ron Thompson – HARTA President
  • Maxine Anderson – ATA Educational Trust

Parkland Area Retired Teachers’ Association – A Brief History

September, 2007 – Earl Miller and Aileen Munro, retired from Memorial Composite High School in Stony Plain, began to gather names and contact information of fellow retirees to charter a Retired Teachers’ organization in the area.

May 19, 2009  – First registration luncheon at which fifty-four members paid their dues.

May, 2010 – An Interim Executive was appointed to recruit members and organize a local branch of ARTA in the Parkland area. Under the leadership of Maxine Anderson, Dave Johansson and Aileen Monroe along with several experienced organizers, local events were planned and membership steadily grew.

May 27, 2010 – Parkland Area Retired Teachers’ Association received its charter with 21 members.   PARTA Charter Members:

  • Ross Akins
  • Maxine Anderson
  • Connie Archer
  • Carol Duffin
  • Marilyn Fossum
  • Paige Fossum
  • Sylvia Grumback
  • David Johannson
  • Vi Keist-McDonald
  • Colin LeBray
  • Joyce Liska
  • Helen Mills
  • Jim Orieux
  • Darrold Quartly
  • James Rigby
  • Russel Roskewich
  • Lucy Saunders
  • Gail Seemann
  • Diane Skeels
  • William Woloshyn
  • Liz Spichka

Some Best Practices Established by this young branch:

  • PARTA runs with a full slate of executive officers and committees to fully serve the membership and preserve the heritage of the active group. A data base of membership is established and PARTA has its own web page.
  • Committees will be established to develop PARTA and its required activities.
  • In 2013, the Members’ Handbook, Bylaws, Logo and History were created and the ATA Local 10 has graciously agreed to help connect retiring staff with our association by allowing us to attend meetings, place our contact information on their website and include an invitation to our branch in their Retired Teachers’ Information package.
  • PARTA is a contributing member of the ERTA Second Wind Conference, has members who serve on ARTA committees and is committed to inform the membership of the benefits of membership in ARTA as well as the local group. PARTA contributes to the local food bank and Christmas Hamper Project.
  • One of the mandates of the executive is to insure vibrant leadership by allowing co-positions and shared responsibilities that will enhance personal retirement objectives and not burden individuals with certain roles. It is hoped that this approach will encourage participation by many and promote fellowship and purpose for the members.
  • As we continue into our future, it is expected that PARTA will work to provide information, social and volunteer opportunities as well as encouragement and support for its diversified membership. We intend to put out the word that PARTA is not only an organization of select, specific individuals but welcomes a variety of like-minded retirees whose contributions will strengthen the group and insure its success.

First Executive

for the 2011-12 year was:

  • President – Dave Johannson
  • Vice-President – (Vacant)
  • Secretary/Treasurer – Maxine Anderson
  • Social Convener – Bill Fraser assisted by Vi Keist-McDonald, Lucy Saunders, Lorna Laustsen)
  • Branch Benefit Representative – Maxine Anderson
  • Branch Pension Representative – Bill Fraser

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