Elk Island Retired Teachers' Association (RTA)

  • Elk Island RTA currently serves over 200 members who have retired from Elk Island Public and Separate School Systems.
  • Elk Island RTA was formerly known as Strathcona Retired Teachers’ Association, but has changed its name to reflect the new boundaries of the Elk Island School Division.
  • Elk Island RTA keeps members in touch with other retirees from Elk Island schools, past and present, as it provides occasions to socialize and learning opportunities related to aging.
  • Elk Island RTA newsletters and email updates provide information about branch events and local issues, as well as information on Elk Island RTA’s participation in ARTA events.
  • Your Elk Island RTA president speaks and votes for ARTA members of this branch at all ARTA Board of Directors’ (BOD) meetings, specifically on issues, like the modification of ARTA’s benefit plans to suit the needs of retired seniors. Because the benefit plans and other functions of ARTA are self-directed through the BOD, Elk Island RTA’s voice is important.
  • Elk Island RTA can also help members access ARTA information and services, and can make representations to ARTA to access member support.

Mission Statement

  • Elk Island Retired Teachers’ Association provides a communication platform that conveys information of interest to its retired membership regarding planned social events, learning opportunities, and health and wellness initiatives. At all times, members are encouraged to participate in the planning as well as the events.
  • Elk Island Retired Teachers’ Association acts as a conduit that helps members access Alberta Retired Teachers’ Association (ARTA) information and services, and Elk Island Retired Teachers may make representations to ARTA to access member support and give seniors a voice.

Elk Island RTA Objects

  • To promote a sense of community,
  • To help address seniors’ issues and needs through organizing events and offering information sessions,
  • To act as a link to ARTA services,
  • To encourage members to take an active interest in the affairs of Elk Island Retired Teachers’ Association and ARTA, and
  • To maintain a history and archive of the branch as information for future Executives and members.