Elk Island RTA Membership

Elk Island RTA membership is free to retiring teachers in the first year of their retirement. Membership keeps communication lines open with colleagues and with our provincial counterparts who advocate for us. Members are invited to the variety of activities throughout the year, and are kept informed of issues that may affect them as retired educators.

Contact Information (Please see Note 1)

Type of Application (Please see Note 2)

Please check the appropriate information below:

Permissions (Please see Note 3)

Note 1

  • Your telephone number and mailing address will be used if we can no longer connect through your email address. We would then check with you by phone or regular mail to find out if your email address has been changed. We prefer that you keep us updated with such changes, but understand that this might not happen.
  • You may unsubscribe from emails at anytime by using the “reply” function and replacing the words in the subject line with the word “unsubscribe.”
  • By providing your email address you agree to receive digital communications
  • Paper copies of the newsletters will not be mailed out to members unless there is a need for a paper copy or the member is willing to pay a $5.00 per year surcharge to cover printing and mailing fees.
  • Please email Elk.Island.RTA@shaw.ca or phone 780 417 6961 if you require a print version of the newsletter.

Note 2

  • The first year of membership is free for new retirees.
  • The current membership fee is $10.00 per year after the first free year or $50.00 for 6 years after the first free year.
  • Please do not send cash through the mail. We are unable to process credit cards, therefore a cheque is our preferred method of payment.

Note 3

  • We find that photos of events help to make the newsletter interesting. The newsletter is also posted as a .pdf on our website. If you do not want your photo used for these publications, please make sure to step back when photos are taken at our events.
  • Although not all members of Elk Island RTA are ARTA members, our Branch’s voting power at the Alberta Retired Teachers’ Association (ARTA) AGM depends on how many ARTA members we have in our membership, therefore we need to know the ARTA membership status of our members.
  • We would like to register your birth date because membership is free to those who are 80 years of age if they have been members for 10 years before reaching that age.
  • Our members are retired teachers or administrators who receive a pension from The Alberta Teachers’ Retirement Fund.
  • An associate member who has full voting privileges on Branch matters but not ARTA matters may be
    • A retired teacher receiving a pension from a retirement fund other than the ATRF,
    • A retired teacher not receiving a pension but possessing a teaching certificate,
    • Classified staff retiring from a recognized school system, or
    • The spouse of a member or deceased member of our branch.