March 10, 2023

WRTA Distinguished Volunteer Award

The Wainwright Retired Teachers’ branch is pleased to grant Erika Foley the ARTA Volunteer Award. She has served as the president of the Wainwright Retired Teachers’ Association for fifteen years. At the provincial level, she has served on the ARTA Health Benefits Committee and is currently serving on the Wellness Committee.

Erika has lived in Wainwright for most of her life. She attended school in Wainwright, her teaching career was centred around Wainwright, and she has spent all her adult life in the Wainwright area. Erika and her husband Bob have been married for over fifty years. They are a truly community-minded couple — true mascots for Wainwright.

Erika has been a community volunteer all her adult life. During her teaching career, she coached girls’ basketball, girls’ volleyball, track and field, badminton, and headed the stamp club. She is still serving her community as a substitute teacher, even through the pandemic.

Erika has served the following causes and organizations:
● Wainwright Public Library Board
● Wainwright Museum as president
● Anglican Church Vestry Board
● Museums Alberta as president and committee member
● Walk for Cancer
● Falcon Enterprise Wainwright as a board member and president
● Wainwright Wildlife Society
● Wainwright Adult Learning

Erika has always been especially kind to her elderly neighbours and friends. She makes a special point of helping them by taking them for groceries and appointments. All the time she devotes to visiting and caring for them is a kindness that can never be repaid.

The Wainwright Retired Teachers’ Association is pleased to grant Erika Foley the ARTA Volunteer Award