WRTA has gone through many changes in the past few years. Many teachers are retiring earlier and are finding a second job or go on to subbing for terms. Many of our former older members are no longer with us so our membership has been dwindling.

Our objectives are to maintain contact with all members, to promote good fellowship among retired teachers, to encourage the participation of new retirees, to promote contact with other retired educators in the area, to encourage members to support the activities of ARTA, to assist in promoting the wellness of retired teachers, and to make WRTA a highly regarded organization in the community.

From having four meetings a year, and helping out at the Farmer’s Markets, our membership of 25 or so now just wants two get-togethers a year. There is no longer any lunch served at the markets, so we are not preparing sandwiches, desserts and soups twice a year like we used to.

We hold our “To Hell With the Bell” breakfast the first day of school each August/September at the St. Thomas Anglican church parish hall. We also have retired teachers attend that now live elsewhere, and who stay at Clear Lake for the summer. Members renew their membership ($10) at this gathering. Spouses are welcome. The men prepare the breakfast and all in attendance have time to reminisce and let others know how they have spent the summer. We remember those who are no longer with us and donate $25 to the library of the school they taught at last.

Our second gathering is held at Christmas – the second Thursday of the month at the parish hall of Grace United Church at 10:30. We have a very short meeting – this is where ARTA information is passed on. We sing Christmas carols, talk about what we’ve done since our September meeting, our Christmas plans, and have a delicious turkey dinner catered by the UCW. If possible we have a guest speaker. Last Christmas we had two nurses talk about senior wellness.

We hope to organize events with other retired organizations in the community if possible.