January 5, 2022

December 2021 WCRTA Communication

We hope everyone was able to enjoy a more connected Christmas with loved ones.  We all look forward with hope that we will soon be able to gather again safely as a group.

Wolf Creek Branch Happenings

Our branch was lucky to be able to hold our Welcome to Retirement/To Hell With The Bell breakfast in early September when restrictions allowed such gatherings.  This was our first meeting since our Christmas luncheon in 2019.  By not just meeting, but exceeding the public health orders at the time we were able to gather safely and those in attendance were excited to be together again.  There were 31 people in attendance.  We were able to welcome three of the new retirees for 2021 – Maureen Montegary, Barb Leidl, and Karen Klassen with introductions, flowers, and Tim’s cards.  Other 2021 retirees that we have made contact with that were unable to attend the breakfast are Tim Lekas, Linda Weicek, Sherry Christiansen, Deb Howell, and Merv Leidl. Covid has presented challenges the last two years with our usual methods of contacting new retirees.  If anyone can be of assistance we are still looking to make contact with the following Wolf Creek retirees: Cheryl Heimdahl, Brenda Massing, Rhonda Sorenson, Justin Rindal, Janet Hawkings, JoAnne Henry, Brenda Brick, Conny Brusselers, Beverly Martin, and Brian Oehlerking plus anyone that has retired from the Catholic schools in the area or that has joined ARTA as an affiliate member.

At the breakfast we also remembered those that we have lost during 2019/2020 and 2020/2021.  Dorothy Ungstad prepared the tribute and with the help of Dorothy Houghton the individuals were remembered at the breakfast.  The list of those that we had lost in 2019/2020 was previously sent out by e-mail.  Those that we have lost in 2020/2021 were Alberta Jean Brown, Jack Cookson, Darlene Fay (Beckman) Crawford, Elizabeth Dorothy (Holmes) Ibbotson, Erika Eveline (Schnell) Martin, Patricia (Curtis) Turner, Blanche Opal (Toews) Scheuchner, and Lorne Edward Ulveland.

In addition to welcoming our new retirees and remembering those that we have lost, our September breakfast also serves as our annual general meeting.  Elections for the branch executive acclaimed the past executive as the current executive for the 2021/2022 year.

President – Frank Tschabold
Vice-President – Rob Pearn
Past-President – Juanita Knight
Treasurer – Devin Pfahl
Secretary – Ann Rice

Treasurer Devin Pfahl presented his report.  The balance of our account remains at $2883.78 as there were no transactions during the 2020/2021 year.

ARTA has instituted branch subsidy grants based on the number of ARTA members that declare each branch as their home branch.  WCRTA received our first grant this fall.  These funds will assist with programs and events for branch members.  Our branch has generally just relied on memberships being paid when attending an event.  Our membership fee is a nominal $5 per year or $20 for five years.  We also offer life memberships to members once they are 85 years old and one year free memberships to new retirees.  Our membership year runs from Sept. 1st – Aug. 31st.  Most branches offer other means of paying memberships in addition to attendance at an event.  Going forward WCRTA is also going to be doing this.  You will be able to use the membership form on the website which is then submitted electronically and then mail your cheque or use a membership form that can be e-mailed to you for printing and then mail your form with a cheque if you are looking to renew or take out a WCRTA membership.  As a reminder everyone was given a complimentary membership for the 2020/2021 year as no events were being held.  Watch for an e-mail in the next few weeks about your membership status and more details on how to renew or take out a WCRTA membership.

Most of you will have seen information about the ATA’s open letter to Premier Kenney and Education Minister LaGrange regarding protecting Alberta Public Education.  It was sent to ARTA members by ARTA President Lorna McIlroy and widely distributed by the ATA.  One of our WCRTA life members has asked us to bring this to your attention again in case you have missed it.  This campaign needs your support if you haven’t done so already.  Go to –  standforeducation.ca

In previous years at our WCRTA Christmas function we have done some fundraising for the Alberta Retired Teachers Charitable Foundation.  This charity sponsors programs for Alberta seniors through recognized groups.  Information about the Foundation can be found on the ARTA website – arta.net or on page 12 of the Winter News & Views.


All ARTA board meetings have continued to happen via Zoom with the most recent ones being in September and November.  Branch presidents, ARTA Executive, and Committee chairs attend these meetings.  The ARTA AGM was held in October by Zoom with Lawrence Hrycan, Rob Pearn, Dorothy Ungstad, and Frank Tschabold as delegates from WCRTA.  The ARTA board has approved a Covid-19 vaccination policy for all employees, contractors, directors, officers and committee members.

It has been a very busy and exciting year full of changes for ARTA and more coming in the new year.  Your best sources of information are the ARTA website, the News & Views magazine, and ARTAfacts.  Look for information on a variety of topics that may be on interest to you including:

  • ARTARx
  • Photo Contest
  • Golf Tournament at the Ponoka Golf Course in June
  • Current travel information
  • Nov. 1st changes to the ARTA health benefits
  • Charitable Foundation
  • ARTA partners
  • New health plans for coverage before age 65
  • and much more

WCRTA has no events planned at this time due to the current health restrictions but we are all hopeful that will change in the new year.  Wishing everyone a safe and healthy new year.

Frank Tschabold
WCRTA President