Web Master

The position of web master involves the creation and maintenance of the STARTA website and e-mail
contact with members as needed.

  1. Serves as a member of the Executive Committee
  2. Attends Executive Committee meetings
  3. Attends meetings of the organization
  4. Sends the monthly newsletter to all e-mail accounts, which saves our organization the cost of
    printing and mailing them.
  5. Keeps the website up to date. Our website, which is paid for by the Alberta Retired Teachers’
    Association, has been restored and we are now able to keep it up to date again. This service is
    free to our group.
  6. Maintains communication with the ARTA staff, regarding the web site.
  7. Stores the laptop projector and has it available for presentations at STARTA meetings. Purchase
    and store the back-up bulb for the projector. (The STARTA association has entered into a jointownership
    agreement with the Edmonton and Area Friendship Force organization. Together we
    have purchased a Casio laptop projector complete with a 3 year extended service plan.)
  8. Works with ARTA on province-wide communication, including a data base which will include
    any members who have joined the ARTA group and who say they are in our area. Contacts these
    members and invite them to our meetings.