STARTA Historian

The task of the Historian is twofold:

  • record STARTA events
  • gather, organize, and preserve items which are of interest to STARTA members and associates

These tasks are done by:

  1. Taking pictures at STARTA events such as monthly Breakfast Meetings, Summer Picnic, etc.
  2. Preserving those pictures, along with copies of current STARTA newsletters, in albums or on
    digital media, noting names and dates whenever possible.
  3. Making those picture records freely available to STARTA members and associates by displaying
    them at Breakfast Meetings or at special events such as Teachers’ Conventions or on the
    STARTA website.
  4. Collecting published items which mention STARTA members or associates and adding those to
    the STARTA albums.
  5. Maintaining and updating the existing collection of STARTA members’ teaching biographies.
  6. Continuing to ensure proper storage and preservation of STARTA historical records such as
    minutes of Executive Meetings, etc. Currently these items are stored in a filing cabinet (property
    of STARTA) at the St. Albert Protestant Board of Education’s District office.
  7. Serves as a member of the Executive Committee
  8. Attends meetings of STARTA including Executive committee, breakfast and the annual general