Program Coordinator(s)

The Program Coordinator(s) primary task is to provide interesting and varied programs for each of the
monthly meetings. Specific tasks of the program committee and convener include:

  1. Design a yearly program of topics based on suggestions from STARTA members and the
  2. Presents programming proposals to the executive in September.
  3. Provides the Membership Contact and the Communication Editor with information about
    speakers for publicity purposes.
  4. Arranges for special AV and table set-up with the Web Master and hotel, if needed by the
  5. Meets the speaker at the meeting and introduces the topic and speaker to the audience.
  6. Helps with special events such as the silent auction or book sales or summer picnic as needed.
  7. Serves as a member of the Executive Committee
  8. Attends meetings of STARTA including Executive committee, breakfast and the annual general
  9. Works with the Program Budget guidelines established by the Executive.