Membership Contact

One needs a reliable phone message system, and it helps to have the phoners on speed dial!! Now that
most are on email, the job has gotten easier but a phone call is always used as a follow up.

During the summer, call the 300’s and anyone who has not attended a breakfast in a year and call
them, using the yearly phoning script. Some may want to be placed on a phoning list. Others
may choose to remain inactive.

  1. Keep directory up to date and print enough directories for each executive member as well as each
  2. Shred all outdated directories.
  3. Recruit phoners, making sure there are several alternates.
  4. Prepare phoning lists and distribute to the phoners at a yearly phoners meeting in October.
  5. Appoint a care convener from the committee. Phoners have a sense of the well-being of their
    contacts and will report any bereavement, illness, etc.
  6. Prepare the phoning memo after each executive meeting and convey to each phoner -allow about
    five days of phoning time.
  7. Phoners should report back names of promised attendees by the Sunday before each breakfast
  8. Call the Caterer 72 hours before the breakfast with numbers expected. Advise caterer of program
    needs such as reception tables, coat rack, piano, power, extra tables for book sales.(find out
    details at exec meeting)
  9. Serves as a member of the Executive Committee
  10. Attends meetings of STARTA including Executive committee, breakfast and the annual general