September 14, 2020

SEPTEMBER 2020 Newsletter

Dear FRTA Family,

The executive was very pleased with the number of gatherings for our 2020 Covid NO BELLS breakfast.  Please visit our website ( to view the photos.

On October 6 and 7 delegates (Myrna Pauls, Cynthia Malner-Charest and Carol Henderson) will attend the ARTA AGM on a ZOOM platform.

The ARTA website is a great source of information. An announcement indicating how accessing your Retiree Benefit Plan will become easier, has been posted.

Your FRTA membership ($20) is now due.  The number one reason to support our branch is to ensure the continuation of ARTA as a viable organization and in so doing, ensure the continuation of our not-for-profit Health Benefit Plan.  Strong branch participation supports ARTA and in turn the ARTA Health Benefit Plan.  Representation at the ARTA AGM is based on branch membership.  As our membership grows, so does our influence at ARTA.

  • FRTA supports a local donation to a charity or society that serves retirees in the Foothills.
  • We host major and minor events for our members and their friends.
  • FRTA members volunteer on provincial committees that support our benefit plan, senior advocacy, scholarships for your family members who are studying, ARTA charitable foundation with direct links to Parkinson Association, CNIB and Alzheimer’s Society and much more.

ARTA sponsors a writing contest so please check out the website for more details.  It would be wonderful to see a FRTA member submission.

FRTA executive is giving consideration to a plan for a safe Christmas Luncheon on November 26. Details will follow.

We have two payment incentives for those who pay before September 30 and one for those who miss the first deadline and pay before October 31.

Thank you.
Carol Henderson