December 15, 2020

Santa’s Nice List – FRTA Christmas Contest”

Merry Christmas friends and colleagues.

FRTA executive met on Friday and developed a contest for our members.  There are prizes and we will be supporting small businesses in Okotoks, High River and Calgary.  You have a chance to win one of six prizes.  This contest is ‘on your honour’.

We ask you to consider the following list and once you’ve reached the magic number of 5, you are on Santa’s good list.  You can enter after every five activities.  Send your name to me at

  1. Do a kind deed.
  2. Challenge your brain with a puzzle, crossword or other activity.
  3. Read a travel brochure or article.
  4. Send a Christmas card to someone not on your list.
  5. Call a long-lost friend or reach out to a neighbour.
  6. Bake a Christmas treat from scratch.
  7. Share your baking with a friend or neighbour.
  8. Shovel a neighbour’s sidewalk.
  9. View the blue moon photo on our website.
  10. Submit a photo to and ask them to post it on our website.  Pictures can be your favourite Christmas ornament, a decorated face mask, a picture or you watching the Christmas star (the kiss of Saturn and Jupiter) on December 21, or anything you’d like to share.
  11. Watch a Christmas movie and recommend it to a friend or colleague or reply to all on this email.
  12. Recommend a good book to a friend or colleague.
  13. Write a book report and send it to Amanda for our website.
  14. Wear something Christmassy.
  15. Recommend a podcast or something you have streamed that is significant for this time of year and reply ‘to all’ by email.
  16. Make a special donation to a charity that helps out disadvantaged people at this time of year.
  17. Sing a Christmas carol or song in front of an audience. (It can be your dog or cat or plant)
  18. Tell a friend about a musical discovery.

Have fun with this.  I hope to get everyone’s name in for the contest.

If it is safe, we will once again host a NO BELLS breakfast in the fall.  The executive decided members will not be charged for this event.

Carol Henderson

Stay safe, stay well, stay active.