CARTA Memo for June 2020

How COVID-19 has changed our day to day activities. So many events have been put on hold. Perhaps it may even seem like our lives are on hold. Hopefully the relationships you value have been strengthened and that we all learn the real meaning of what we value in our lives. If you would like to share any of your lessons or experiences from the last few months, we would love to hear from you. Everyone needs a good time story!  Stay safe!

At this time the following activities will go ahead as planned. 

  • August 25 To Hell With the Bell Breakfast @ The Golden Circle at 9:00.
    Doors will open at 8:30. Cost will be $15.00 per person. 
    It will be an opportunity to welcome our new retiring teachers.  You will need to pre-register for this event.
  • Friday, December 4 Christmas Dinner @ the Black Knight Inn @ 12:00.
    Doors will open at 11:30. Cost will be $25 / person.
    Turkey Dinner with all the fixings as well as dessert.  You must preregister for this event as the time nears.

The Inkblots are still very active, using Zoom for their meeting sites.  They have displays up in a few of the Retirement Homes in Red Deer.  If you have an interest in writing, please let us know.

It was unfortunate that the Calder School was just too small for our events.  The meals were great and the Ladies of Sunnybrook were exceptionally helpful.

Thank you to Marie Mann for all her hard work on the April, May, June Wellness Challenge.  The Challenge ends on June 30.

Calling all CARTA artists:

Please be aware that this year Alberta Cultural Days at the end of September may be quite different than what normally takes place. There may or may not be a pop-up art gallery. However, the committee is looking for artists who would like to display their work for 30 days in a store window in the downtown Red Deer area. The 30 days will be in September and/or October. Please let me know by July 3, 2020, if you are interested in displaying your artwork for 30 days in a window downtown.

Thank you.
Margaret Roome (403.347.5500)

Membership in CARTA is still $10 / year or $50 for six years.  Contact our membership lady,  Margaret at

Don’t forget if you have been a member of CARTA and you are now 85 you have earned a free lifetime membership in CARTA.   We have no way of knowing your age so if you are at the magic age of 85 please contact Margaret and let her know.

At our last executive meeting, we discussed our CARTA Constitution in detail.  CARTA began in 1972 and most of our constitution has endured with a few changes in 2011.  Please find attached the modifications we are suggesting for the Annual Meeting……..which is now postponed.  So you wordsmiths, we need your help.  When we have our Annual Meeting we can discuss and vote on this revised Constitution.  It is in PDF format.  Black is the original.  Cross outs are the proposed deletions.  The additions are in red.   If you can not open the file let me know.

We still plan to have our Annual Meeting for CARTA but right now it has been put on hold.  But we always need members to serve on our Executive and our Committees.  Some of our current Executive would like to step down and we need you to consider offering your service to CARTA.  I have listed the current executive below.  One new committee will be our Fiftieth Anniversary Celebration which is coming up in 2022.

The ARTA AGM is coming in October.  It will likely be an electronic meeting.  If you are a member of CARTA and ARTA and you are interested more about the work of ARTA, CARTA need three delegates.  I need to send in the names of our delegates very soon.  Also most committees of ARTA will need at least one new member.  Committees of ARTA are on their website.  If you have an interest please let me know.  If you wish to run for a committee, you could be a delegate.

I received this email from the ATA.  I am sure many have also received it.  I am sending this for the ones who did not receive it.  I know you are great readers but please consider sending in a response to this so we have our say about our pension.  It is a timely item and I think a short response is better than no response.   The email address is near the end of this page.  If you have any questions please call or email.

Congratulations. Your advocacy has paid off.

Earlier this week, an MLA committee tasked with reviewing private members bills began consideration of Bill 203, the Pension Protection Act.

This bill would reverse the changes made by Bill 22 which would require teacher pension investment management to be transferred from ATRF to AIMCo.

Because teachers spoke out, the committee did not kill Bill 203 and instead has agreed to consider stakeholder submissions.

We now have one more week to convince the committee that the bill should enter the legislature for full debate.

In addition to hearing oral presentations from a small number of stakeholders, the committee will consider written submissions. After discussing these submissions, the committee will recommend whether or not Bill 203 should proceed to the legislature for full debate.

It is best if submissions are individualized and do not contain copied and pasted text. Here are some guiding questions that you may want to use to develop your submission:

  • Why should teacher pension investments continue to be managed by ATRF?
  • Why were you concerned about Bill 22 and the transfer of investment management to AIMCo?
  • Why should teachers be consulted on decisions related to their pension?
  • What response did you get from MLAs when you expressed your concerns?
  • How do you feel about how this decision was made and implemented?
  • What remedy should the legislative assembly consider to fix this situation?
  • Why should Bill 203 be debated in the legislature?

As always be professional and respectful. You can send your written submission by e-mail to

Submissions must be made by July 3, 2020.

The Alberta Teachers’ Association

Current Executive of CARTA (2019-2020)

Past President: Ed Olsen
Edna Warriner
Vice Presidents: Shirley Brault and Leo Richer
Treasurer: Darlene Shuya
Wayne Nylin


Membership: Margaret Roome
Wellness: Marie Mann and Jeanette Van Hyfte
CATCA: Shirley Brault
Wayne Gauthier
Inklots: Kaye Rechner and Lyle Meeres
Phoning: Leona Teed and Roberta Peters
Pension and Benefits: Allan Koole and Leo Richer
Art Show and Sale: Margaret Roome
Estelle Froese

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