Connecting Retired Teachers

Welcome to CARTA, the Central Alberta Retired Teachers’ Association. CARTA’s services and programs help teachers enjoy an engaged lifestyle and remain active in their community after retirement.


Stay involved in your community in meaningful ways with the Central Alberta Retired Teachers’ Association.


The Inkblots Writing Group

by Lyle Meeres | CARTA’s Inkblots Chair This article was featured in the 2021 summer news&views In Red Deer, about four years ago following a Central Alberta Retired Teachers’ Association event, a group of retired teachers were chatting when someone said, “You know, we should start a writing group.” The result: the active writing group […]

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CARTA Memo April 2021

Hello Everyone.  I hope that this memo finds you safe and healthy and especially connecting with those that matter in your life.  It is so important that you keep in contact through telephone, texting, back fence visits, or whatever works for you and your family.  It seems so long ago when handshakes or hugs were […]

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