CARTA Memo April 2021

Hello Everyone.  I hope that this memo finds you safe and healthy and especially connecting with those that matter in your life.  It is so important that you keep in contact through telephone, texting, back fence visits, or whatever works for you and your family.  It seems so long ago when handshakes or hugs were just a part of our interaction.  Now it’s social distancing with masks, gloves, and sanitisers.  Such a change in just a year!

*** The interest in virtual meetings was minimal at best.  People must be in front of technology more than before.  So for now, we let it rest.

*** The Wellness Challenge is still on for April, May and June. There is still plenty of time! Track your thirty best days over the three months. We hope that you get out and get some exercise and movement. Check our ARTA news and views magazine, pages 38 to 40 for more information. If you do not receive the magazine, please call or email and we can get a copy for you. If you would like to register in the contest email Maria

*** The ARTA Benefit Plan Trust Fund.  An election will be held at the next ARTA Board of Directors’ Meeting for a new trustee.  The deadline for nominations is May 11, 2021.   If you have any interest we can send you a nomination package.   It’s a great way to get involved with ARTA.

*** Pension and Financial Wellness: Leo Richer

Randy Olson from Capital Estate Planning made a presentation on Financial Wellness.  ARTA staff recorded the session and have made it available.  Leo Richer has included the links for all the sessions:

Please contact Leo for more information.

*** The Inkblots are very busy sharing their writings through their virtual sessions on Tuesday afternoons.  And they have three outdoor gatherings near the MAG scheduled for May, socially distanced of course!

They have now published three books.  The latest is the mature readers’ anthology. The cost is $10 if you would like to purchase one.   Please contact Lyle or Barbara for further information.  If you have an interest in writing, they are a very supportive group. There is a story, poem, novel in each of us!

*** Be an Advocate for Education, Teachers, and Students.  Teachers in the classrooms today have so many new issues right now: COVID, the new curriculum, ATRF and their future pension, to name but just a few.  They need our support so that their futures are secure.  There is so much information on the ATA website about the proposed curriculum if you wish to keep informed.  Our media is focussing on it as well.

The ATA website has information on our pension plan through ATRF and the current ministerial order regarding AIMCO as well. Voice your concerns to your MLA, the Education Minister, and the Premier. Be an advocate for our teachers, students, our grandchildren, and especially for education. They all need our voices now.

*** ARTA Photo Contest deadline is May 28, 2021.  Check the ARTA website for categories and guidelines.

*** ARTA Writing Contest deadline is November 12, 2021.  Check the ARTA website for categories and guidelines.

*** Don’t forget the ARTA Scholarships.   Check the ARTA website for categories and guidelines.

*** Thank you to all those CARTA members who have renewed their memberships in CARTA.  We appreciate your support.  We are looking forward to get-togethers again!

*** We are always interested in new members on our executive of CARTA.  If you could help out in any way we really need you.  Also, 2022 CARTA will be celebrating our fiftieth anniversary. We need a committee to plan a celebration.

And as always, our condolences go out to the families of some of our colleagues and their loved ones who have been lost.  Be kind to each other, keep connected to those you love, and stay safe.  We will get through this time with each other’s support.

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