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Upcoming Events

Make the most out of your ARTA membership.

More than just a loose association of retirees and educators, the Alberta Retired Teachers’ Association offers a range of services and benefits for our membership. Our branches are the backbone of our organization, putting together great events and creating opportunities for retirees in Alberta and even parts of British Columbia. Make the most of your retirement with volunteer opportunities, meet fellow ARTA members at social gatherings, continue your own education with workshops and conferences, or join fellow members for local, national and international travel opportunities.


You’re retired, but you’re still passionate about all the things you love, and you still want to make a difference. That’s why every ARTA branch is directly engaged with its local community. Your ARTA membership gives you access to volunteer opportunities that elevate our communities. ARTA Community outreach opportunities give our members the opportunity to use their passion to continue to help others, stay active, and continue to make a difference in their communities.


Being retired is full of great opportunities. Take advantage of your freedom to connect with like-minded professionals and individuals for companionship, socialization and fun group activities. Local ARTA branches regularly organize fun events and other opportunities for members to connect with each other. Contact your local branch for more information about upcoming events, and let us help you get the most out of your retirement.


One of the joys of being an educator is the endless journey of discovery that teaching provides. As teachers and lifelong learners ourselves, we understand education doesn’t end at retirement. That’s why your local ARTA branch regularly develops workshops covering a breadth of topics hosted by experts in each subject. ARTA workshops are a great opportunity to keep your mind keen, connect with fellow members, and discover fascinating new topics. Contact your local branch for more information.

Special Events

ARTA members are lively, dynamic educators with a passion for teaching and learning. With such a diverse membership, ARTA is always working hard to create great special events. Day long conferences and other special events help meet the insatiable intellectual appetite of retired teachers, and offer great opportunities to connect and reconnect with fellow educators.


On of the great advantages of retirement is the opportunity to travel. Join your fellow ARTA members and get to know even more about your home, our great country, or even the world, with travel opportunities from ARTA. Local branches regularly organize day trips, national trips, and even international trips for our membership. Contact your local branch for more details about the many great travel opportunities ARTA has for you.


Staying fit and active is a key part of maintaining your health throughout your retirement, and ARTA wants to help. With information and access to local physical, mental and spiritual wellness programs, your regional ARTA branch is there to help support your health and wellness and help you stay strong and vibrant and get the most out of your retirement.