July 8, 2020

Seniors’ Week 2020 and 2019

Each year NWARTA is proud to take part in the Seniors’ Week Fair.  What a great way to build community spirit as seniors gather to socialize, learn about agencies in the community and enjoy the opportunity to collect giveaways and/or win prizes.

The Grande Prairie Rotary provides a BBQ lunch, and in 2019, the event had grown to such an extent that it was moved from the Golden Age Centre to Revolution Place.  A great success with over 200 for lunch. Also, in 2019, Russ Snoble and Joan Godbout hosted the NWARTA booth and enjoyed meeting a great many of those 200 attendees.

Russ and Joan at the 2019 Grande Prairie Rotary event

June 2020 saw a completely different Seniors’ Week.  The organizing agencies in Grande Prairie and the surrounding towns invited local seniors to register to receive a special gift by doorstep delivery sometime between June 1 and 5.  Their names were also entered in a draw for prizes.

In addition, a musical performance was streamed as part of the week’s event. Community seniors were able to tune in to watch the performance on Friday afternoon (June 5) via the Grande Prairie Seniors’ Outreach Facebook page.

While NWARTA did not have a physical presence this year, thanks to Gail Schau (a NWARTA director) who organized for the Branch to donate a prize for the draw.

This year, while different, was also a tremendous success, but we look forward to a physical presence at this community event next year and the opportunity to share the energy and enthusiasm that only a physical gathering can provide.