March 18, 2021

Opportunities at our AGM

Each year the FRTA provides new opportunities for teacher retirees to contribute to our community by inviting them to let their names stand for executive office positions. A number of our current executive officers will be completing their commitment this year.

There are responsibilities with each opportunity. This is a chance for you to branch out and to give back, in a relaxed and fun way. Our local branch executive and our members are a critical element in the Alberta Retired Teachers’ Association. ARTA is a non-profit organization that exists to offer services to members: health care, insurance, wellness info, advocacy, scholarship awards, social activities, and so on. ARTA is supported by eighteen branches.

Those of us who depend on the ARTA Health Care Plan understand the Plan’s value. It is a great way to provide health benefit coverage at a very competitive price. The ARTA Health Care Plan began operations in 2008 and has grown to over 25,000 participants.

Regarding the FRTA executive officers, our FRTA Bylaws state: “The responsibilities of the executive shall be established at the first regular meeting of the executive …”

Traditionally, our President calls 4-5 executive meetings per year, in addition to the Annual General Meeting. The President (or designate) presides over the meetings.

Our President is automatically a member of the ARTA Board of Directors and is invited to four meetings during the year. It is important that we are well represented in this important ARTA decision-making body.

The Vice-President is ready to take over for the President as needed and likely accepts some planning responsibilities for events.

Our Secretary records minutes at all meetings and emails copies to Executive members.

The Treasurer collects membership fees and member information. Our bank account is monitored by the Treasurer with account values shared at Executive meetings and the AGM.

Up to three Directors complete the Executive. Directors attend Executive meetings and assist in the planning and execution of the Executive responsibilities.

Typically, the Executive plans the following major events: September “No Bells Brunch”, November “Christmas Banquet”, March “Saint Patrick’s Day Event”, and May “Annual General Meeting & Social”. In addition, newsletters are emailed throughout the year with important information for retired teachers.

Please consider letting your name stand for an executive position.

Each year we elect a new executive. As Past-President, Gary Sawatzky is accepting nominations in preparation for our May 20, 2021 AGM. To add your name or for more information, call: 403-652-9453, or email: